The Campaign to Recall Chesa Boudin

San Francisco is a shining city on a hill. We deserve a better District Attorney. Join our campaign to recall Chesa Boudin #CommunityNotChaos

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    Justice is Required for Heinous Crime

    Boudin has been presented with numerous arrest cases, to prosecute kidnappers, rapists, etc where rather than bring the perpetrators to justice, he released them.

  • Surrendering to Drug Dealers Has a Cost

    Drug overdose deaths have outpaced COVID19 deaths this year in San Francisco. Surrendering to drug dealers has a cost that must be measured.

  • Crime is up in San Francisco

    Drug overdoses are up 27%. Arson has increased 47.5%. Motor-vehicle theft is up 20.4%. Homicides have increased 37%. Burglaries have seen a 35% increase.

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